What is Lancashire Business Support?


The whole Lancashire business support arena can get very confusing and is sometimes a very crowded space with lots of noise.  So how do I work out what is best for my business and what will work best?

Well, read on and we hope to be able to add some clarity to the issue.

So why should we trust what you tell us? Aren’t you just adding to the noise?

A quick summary then of why listen to me – simple really, I spent nearly three years working on the Boost Business Lancashire program and my remit was to understand program eligibility and what worked for various businesses.


Boost Business Lancashire – Business Growth Hub Support


As the name suggests, it’s at the forefront of business support in Lancashire.  They are still funded by European money for a while longer but will continue to support Lancashire once that ends.

The program is run by Officers at Lancashire County Council and works with the local LEP as well to ensure the programs on offer ensure the county will grow. They have everything from start-up support to scale up support for those growing rapidly.  They offer mentoring, peer networks and many more programs.

Simple really, support a business to grow, which will then employ more, will spend more and will be part of a growing local economy.

Boost has a very interesting and valuable website that lists a whole host of support programs for most types of business, and you really should pay a visit or just call the 0800 number and talk it through.

I suppose the main gripe was that prior to Covid19 the B2C sector felt left out, however, once the pandemic hit, Lancashire County Council then opened their support to every type of business who could then access various programs to ensure they continued to be around.


Creative Lancashire Support


Now this support section has all to often come under the radar and might sometimes feel its neighbour, Boost pushed it from the mind.  It is however a vital support website for those within this industry.  So as well as mentioning local support programs on their site they also have essentials for creatives such as Design Council, Arts Council and many more.

They also have an excellent directory that allows you to search and find local businesses based in Lancashire.


Rosebud Business Finance


Flexible finance from £10,000 to £1 million available to those within the County of Lancashire – now this is the part some will fall at – they can only support the 12 local authority areas and not Blackpool or Blackburn, who are not within the administrative area of LCC.

Rosebud aims to support anyone moving to or located in Lancashire.  More details here.


Rural Development Fund


Aimed at supporting exactly what it says, rural development.  At the moment, the funding is closed, but will open up again as new strategies and funding come along, so head here  and sign up to get more details.


Lancashire Skills Hub


They will signpost you to free training, will help you with employing people, and they are looking to create a balance, skilled and inclusive labour market that will underpin economic wellbeing and productivity within Lancashire. Head to their website to read more and start using that vital support.


Innovate Lancashire


I mean, I couldn’t leave out some words on this could I now?

Innovate Lancashire is funded by Lancashire County Council and the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership and its main aim is to encourage, promote and get collaboration between the many stakeholders involved in innovation.

We have a fantastic directory that lists Lancashire businesses who can support you when you need outside help.  We also connect and promote Innovate UK programs and funding as well, and of course have to mention the recent Innovation Challenge 2022, whereby three winners took a share of a £30k pot of money to help them with their new ideas/products.

If you feel your business would benefit from being part of our directory then head to our directory and register.

Some question what happens when the European money runs out – but the Government has pledged funds to continue, so business support in Lancashire is here to stay.