We caught up with one of our Innovation Challenge Finalists Theo Technologies to find out more about what they are doing now.

So what does Innovation Challenge Finalist Theo Technologies do?

Theo Technologies Ltd is a high-tech, software as a service (SaaS), award-winning start-up based in Bacup.

When Roger Theophanous founded Theo Technologies Ltd in 2020, the aim was to build cloud software that is easy to use, requires no prior I.T. knowledge, and is priced to give small and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to utilise the capabilities of high-tech at affordable and scalable prices. Now, two years later, Roger and his team at Theo Technologies Ltd have achieved that.

When asked what inspired him to start a business, Roger said, “Entrepreneurship has always been part of the family, and I’ve always wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps,” his father being a successful businessman back in Cyprus, where Roger was born and raised. “You find something you enjoy doing and then a way to turn it into a business.”

Whilst at Lancaster University studying physics, Roger found that thing he enjoyed – technology.

As a student, Roger recognised how affordable cloud software could benefit students and universities and allow both parties to spend their limited budgets on things other than hardware and I.T. support. And whilst offering I.T. support to local businesses around Lancashire, he recognised how much his idea could benefit small organisations as well.

The pandemic hit small businesses very hard, with many closing – 6.5% between 2020 & 2021, to be precise – due to the unexpected impact of Covid-19. Roger saw that his idea could save local businesses money whilst also providing them with the flexibility to adapt to hybrid working and lessen the effects of future unforeseen circumstances.

So, how does this cloud system work?

Augment PUI, the system Theo Technologies Ltd has built is referred to as a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). This VDI allows users to access a desktop PC hosted in the cloud, thus negating the need for expensive hardware. All you need is a screen, keyboard, mouse, and a stable internet connection to access your Cloud PC from anywhere in the world.

Then, the user pays a monthly subscription that varies depending on how powerful you want your PC to be. As to why anyone would want a Cloud PC, they are cheaper, more secure, and more powerful than standard desktop PCs, whilst also never becoming outdated, which means you will never have to buy another PC again.

Built into their Augment PUI system is a protocol called MoonShine that allows for ultra-high-definition video streaming. With this system, anyone can turn an old laptop or smartphone into a cloud supercomputer.

But Roger admits that reaching this stage required a lot of outside help from organisations across Lancashire.

What Support did Theo Technologies Use?

“The starting point is the most exciting and dangerous part of building any business,” he said. “Without the support of Lancaster University, Innovate Lancashire, Lancashire Cyber Foundry and Lancashire County Council, I probably would’ve never put my idea down on paper, and then I probably wouldn’t have pursued it as a business.”

“The push I was given set me down the right path,” he continued, “and each support group that entered the mix gave me extra motivation. You begin to build a web of connections that protect you and keep you on the right path with sound, experience-driven advice.

“(Without these organisations), it would’ve taken me three years to reach the point we’re at now.”


Work in Progress – Lancaster University Enterprise Team:

They allowed me to take the rough idea I had in my head and get it down onto paper. This allowed people to tap into my thoughts and help to develop this idea into what it is today. They gave me the initial push towards starting my business; if it wasn’t for them, I might never have pursued this in the way I have.


Innovate UK (Innovate Lancashire):

After the initial push from Lancaster University, Roger was put in touch with Innovate UK & Innovate Lancashire, where he won the Young Investor’s Award. This put him in touch with Inventya, an organisation whose advice and mentorship enabled him to develop a sound business strategy that he still uses today.


Lancashire Cyber Foundry:

Lancashire Cyber Found, another organisation, born out of the University of Lancaster, supported Theo Technologies Ltd by helping design the cloud system’s security features.


Lancashire County Council:

After applying for funding from the Lancashire County Council, Theo Technologies Ltd was awarded £25,000, which allowed them to hire new, local staff and was one of the significant catalysts in getting them to where they are now.

Where would Theo Tech be without this incredible support network?

To this day, Roger and his highly experienced and dedicated team continue to work with local organisations to help reach their goals and help light the way for any other companies that want to achieve what Theo Technologies Ltd have achieved.

If you want to learn more about Theo Technologies Ltd, head to their website, www.theo-tech.co.uk, where you can learn more about what they do.

If you feel you could let others know about what you do, then use our contact page and get in touch.