We caught up with Rory Southworth to chat about innovation at Fraser House and how things have changed over the last year.

Fraser House is a hub of innovation and ambition in Lancaster, home to 78 tech and digital businesses. Over the past 18 months, the coworking space has fostered a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, with more than a third of its members collaborating on paid work and supporting each other.  As a result, Fraser House has become a hotbed of creativity and collaboration in the tech industry. It also has a team feeling within it and many socialise together as well, continuing with the whole ethos of community and co working.

One of the businesses at Fraser House is Fuuse; a company that specialises in the development of back-end software for electric vehicle (EV) charge points.

Fuuse’s innovative software solutions have helped EV owners easily and conveniently access charging stations, allowing them to drive longer distances without worrying about running out of power.

Another business at Fraser House Hub is Relative Insight, a SaaS company that offers a unique text-based analysis tool for marketing professionals. The tool uses advanced algorithms to analyse large amounts of text data, providing valuable insights and helping marketers make more informed decisions.

In addition to Fuuse and Relative Insight, Fraser House Hub is home to many other innovative businesses. For example, Data Performance, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help businesses automate routine tasks and make better-informed decisions.  Sairo, a creative agency that specialise in the Metaverse where they work on and create digital items and spaces for Virtual Reality and Web 3.0.

The collaborative nature of Fraser House Hub has played a key role in fostering innovation among the businesses that call the coworking space home. Many of the businesses at Fraser House regularly work together on projects, sharing ideas and expertise to create new and exciting products and services. This kind of collaboration has helped many of the businesses at Fraser House Hub to grow and thrive.

There are regular events held such as tech talks which allow people to come together to chat about what is happening and learn new skills or be shown new ways of working.  You will also find Innovate UK using the communal space to hold events, setting out their latest funding projects – events not to be missed.  Various other external organisations also use the communal space to hold networking events.

Overall, Fraser House Hub is a thriving hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, with many businesses working together to create new and exciting products and services. From Fuuse’s EV charging software to Relative Insight’s text-based analysis tool, Fraser House is a prime example of how collaboration can lead to innovation and success.  It is all of this that also fosters a community within the building that leads to further innovation.

If you want to spend some time there to see what is special and start using the space – head to the Fraser House website for more details.



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