Innovate Lancashire Ambassadors

ambassadorsInnovate Lancashire Ambassadors are passionate about both innovation and the county of Lancashire.

They represent how to do business and how to innovate.

They are business leaders who possess a growth mentality, who can showcase to the rest of the UK, how Lancashire works with others to produce innovative products.

Altrustic and hardworking would be just two characteristics that define them and would be part of their love of all things Lancashire and innovation.

Innovate Ambassadors give their time to support others wishing to innovate and will often be already mentoring various as they have a passion and are driven individuals.

By becoming an Ambassador, they are positioning their business next to Innovate Lancashire, demonstrating a commitment to Lancashire.

Innovate Lancashire would use our Ambassadors to represent Lancashire outside of the County when at events. We are wanting to let the rest of the UK know that, here in Lanacashire, we know how to innovate!

We would get them involved in our Innovation Festival and our Innovation Challenge, as judges and speakers.

Who better to work with us on our events than our Ambassadors

We would also like to hold regular roundtable discussions when we record them and post up on our YouTube channel 

If you feel you can offer your skills and a belief in this county, then please do use the contact page and get in touch and come chat more about your passion.